My Chip payment system
In The Box our visitors can pay with the MyChip payment systems. This system makes the use of cash or coins not necessary. At the charging points at our location our visitors can purchase Mychip cards with the amount that they want. With the Mychip cards you can pay for the toilets, food corners and bars.
In The Box we don't use a wardrobe, but we have more than enough lockers for our visitors. Our lockers work with separate chipcards you can purchase at the register. After you have paid and received your card you can put away up to 3 jackets in the locker. You can open and close the lockers as many times as you want. You don't pay for any deposit.
The BOX is easily accessible for the disabled. There are no thresholds on the ground floor and the MIVA toilet is also located there. During concerts, disabled people can report to our security to look for a suitable viewing spot with them. The 2nd room, which is not always in use, and the balcony are only accessible by stairs.
Bag Policy
t is not allowed to take large bags or backpacks to the concert. Handbags with a maximum A4 size are excluded. There is no storage and / or cloakroom available for large bags. We therefore recommend leaving bags at home. In addition, take into account an access control. So come well in time during a concert.

Items that are not allowed in the BOX:

Own consumptions (drinks and food), other liquids, food, drugs, umbrellas / parasols, selfie sticks, professional cameras (cameras with the option to change the lens), film, sound, go pro devices and other image recording equipment. No unmanned aerial vehicles (so-called UAV or Drones) or other flying objects.
Smoking is only permitted in the smoking area in The BOX.
There is a food corner at all events in The BOX with a range tailored to the event.
The BOX is located on a business park near Sloterdijk station. The BOX is easily accessible by public transport and by car. Parking is possible in the immediate vicinity, we recommend that you park within the spaces; Failure parkers can be fined by police. Follow the signs and directions of the traffic controllers, they will guide you to the nearest parking places.
PLEASE NOTE: do not leave any valuables in the car due to possible car break-ins.LET OP: laat geen waardevolle spullen in de auto ivm eventuele auto-inbraken. Wij laten beveiligers surveilleren maar beter het gegeven ‘niets erin niets eruit’ te volgen!
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